Village Wine Tasting Stroll & Soup Contest

Friday September 22nd | Village of Wilmington

From 5p to 7p Friday September 22nd.

Register and pick up your map at The Chamber of Commerce 21 West Main, Wilmington VT 05363Dot's Restaurant September 2015

Festival preview tasting and the Village Stroll, featuring live entertainment and the Vermont Soup Tasting Contest in the heart of Wilmington. Stroll the historic village of Wilmington while sampling soups from the Valley’s chefs. The various shops, galleries, and restaurants will all be featuring wines from around the world including award winning Vermont Wines by Shelburne Vineyards

Sample over 30 different soups and wines.


Congratulations to the 2016 Soup Contest Winner:

The Hermitage Club – Smoked Kabocha Squash, Sea Salt & Maple Creme Fresh

Soup Ballot


Buy Tickets early…they will sell out!

Advance tickets

$13 Wine Only |Includes tastes of all stroll wines

$5 Soup Only | Includes tastes of all soups on Stroll


Shelburne Marquette at Bartleby's Bookstore

Shelburne Marquette at Bartleby’s Bookstore


” I don’t like soup…I just want to taste wine.”

Great!  If you are  interested in just tasting Wine during the stroll, Wine passports can me purchased for $15.00 ($13.00 advance ticket).  This year we will not be selling individual tasting tickets.  Instead you will receive a Wine Passport with your commemorative glass & other goodies.  Wines may be tasted at:

Memorial Hall

Bartleby’s Bookstore

Beyond Imagination

Pickwell’s Barn

Ratu’s Liquor & Market

Don’t forget to stop by Chapman’s Antiques for a chance to taste Vermont Distillers.

“I don’t like wine, I’m just going to taste all this awesome soup!”

Great!  We are so excited for you to taste the amazing concoctions created by our talented valley chefs.  We want to make sure that everyone that joins us for the stroll this year has the opportunity to taste all of the soups on the stroll.  We HATE it when we hear complaints that a crowd favorite soup has sold out.  With that in mind we will also be selling Soup Passports this year.  They will be available in advance.  However there will only be 400 Soup Passports available.

“Wait…what?!?!  You are limiting how many people can taste soup?”

We have taken feedback that we have received over the years and this year we are trying to make the event even better for everyone attending.  To put it in perspective each person would be consuming nearly the equivalent of a quart of soup.  That’s a lot of soup!  We expect & are encouraging stroll attendees to team up in pairs to split the Soup Passport between them.

“Holy COW  that soup was amazing!  I’m just going to rearrange my scarf, pretend to be someone else and get another taste.”

With the wine passports you will be able to taste your favorite for all ten spots (we don’t encourage this though….variety is the spice of life.  Live a little!).  Your soup passport will feature the names of the restaurants which provided the soups for the stroll.  Your passport will be stamped on each restaurant as you taste the soup.

“So I can only taste each soup once?  But I LOVE the amazing soup the Valley View Saloon made (2015 Winners)!  I need more of their fantastic soup!  Help me please!”

No worries.  Festival organizers will be encouraging all participating restaurants to feature their stroll soup throughout the weekend.  Stop in and buy a full bowl to enjoy with great company and maybe a new restaurant you haven’t tried  yet.


2017  Village Wine Tasting Stroll & Soup Contest

sponsored by Vermont Wine Merchants, The Town of Wilmington, The Roadhouse Restaurant & Vermont Distillers